Bryant’s Story

Lives Changed……

I am a product of an ugly “tug of war.”  My parents had a nasty separation (divorce is not allowed here in the Philippines) when I was young. Some years I stayed with my father, some with my mother. After high school, I decided to stay with my father. Because of my parents’ nastiness to each other, I thought the world was full of nasty people. I was cold, distant and callous.

After high school I enrolled in an Engineering school. After my first year, my father gave me the terrible news that he could not afford to have me continue my college education.  I was devastated… until I heard about CWM.

The rest is history. With guidance and encouragement I finished my Mechanical Engineering dream. Not only did CWM guide me through my college years, they also showed me that the world is full of loving people through the God Who loves me very much, Jesus Christ. With CWM, my church, my loving and committed sponsors, my parents and friends my view of the world has changed.

I am now working as a Mechanical Engineer for an international Japanese Engineering firm which had brought me to places like Japan, India, and Indonesia. I married my girlfriend a few months ago and I am now looking for a brighter future which only a loving God can give. I cannot thank God enough, CWM, my sponsors, my church, family and friends for… a life changed!