Junjun’s Story

“Great is Thy faithfulness, great is Thy faithfulness, morning by morning Thy mercies I see”….this is my favorite worship song.

I come from a family of eleven. My father is a fisherman from a coastal town. After high school, I came to the city to find a job. I landed a job as a front desk guy in a doctor’s office. I couldn’t afford to rent a place of my own so I slept at the backroom (storage) of the office. With the money I made I spent for my personal needs and the rest I sent to my parents to help out. Going to college was a wild dream for me. I always wanted to be a Marine Engineer and travel the world….but as I say that was a wild dream! One of our patients shared about CWM…..

This year is my sixth year working as an Engineer with MAERSK Shipping Company; I have circled the globe so many times. I am married, my wife and I have a little boy and just recently bought a comfortable house. My wife is also starting a business of her own. We are trying to save so I don’t have to travel anymore. I have a plan to own my own business to spend more time with my family.

As I look back, I wonder what life would have been like without CWM, my deeply committed sponsors, my church and most importantly the God I met, love and worship fervently.

Friends told me I’m lucky…yes I’m lucky but actually, it’s not luck…God is always faithful as my worship song says, “Thy mercies I see.” God’s mercies have no limit and I see them every day…His mercies never fail….Thank you CWM, my sponsors and my church…for hearing God’s call to help me….forever I am grateful!!!